Fatima Comments On Valens.

by Daniel Russ on June 30, 2012

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In my post about Adrianople , a reader named Fatima responded. This is fascinating. Valens was a suprisingly good administrator, and no better or worse than most of his generation of “Romans” at generaling, but by the time of Adrianople, the Roman army, especially the Balkan units, was a poorly organized hodgepodge of differently equipped […]



The Battle of Adrianople. 378 AD.

by Daniel Russ on July 28, 2011

Arriving Gothic cavalry poured in from behind at this unfortunate timing and the Roman order of battle on their right flank crumbled. The Romans retreated to the base of the hill where the Goths were assembled and there they were surrounded and all killed. Other portions of the Roman line held for a time and made headway. But 4 PM, the rest of the Gothic cavalry poured in and routed the Romans. As many as 25,000 Romans may have been killed. Valens, himself was abandoned by his guards and died on the battlefield.



Rome, Towards The End.

November 6, 2010

At the beginning of the 5th century AD, Alaric stood at the gates of Rome and legionnaires stood arrayed against them, dressed in full combat regalia on the other side of the wall. Along the outskirts of the Empire, legionnaires faced other barbarian tribesmen along the frozen Rhine river. The Romans stood in order, each […]

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