The Soviet SU-100 Assault Gun.

by Daniel Russ on August 18, 2013

          The phenomenon known as the assault gun came and went with World War II. It was an original idea. OK, not every gun could be built on a tank. But you could take the gun, the business end of most tanks, and mount it on any chassis that would carry […]



Military Hydrofoil Development.

by Daniel Russ on July 16, 2012

  In the 1960’s, suddenly the hydrofoil seemed like a fertile area to explore in naval technology. Seafaring nations across the world began development on the hydrofoils all at the same time. Boeing and the United States Navy developed Patrol Hydrofoil Missileship (PHM). Or as the writer of Dark Roast Blend refers to it, a […]


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The Soviet T-35 Heavy Tank Was An Early Disaster.

May 19, 2012

        In December 1930, the Soviet Office of Motorization and Mechanization (PMR) ordered the development of a heavy tank to work with the Red Army.  It was a 50 ton behemoth with five turrets. In fact the T-365 was the only five turreted tank in history. Development was almost impossible simply because […]

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