Post image for The Final Days of Germany Were a Frenetic, Desperate Rear Guard Attempt To Stop The Inevitable.

          Nothing Quite Says It’s Over Than Your Enemy’s Flag On Your Capitol.   By the Spring of 1945, the Germans were not just on the run in most theaters of operation, they were running as fast as they could. The game afoot was for the Allied forces in Western Europe, […]



On his way to power, there were many who suffered at the hands of his proxies and his insane lieges. Not surprisingly, some 130,000 dissident voices were extinguished by Adolph Hitler. It was the necessary antecedent to having competing security apparatuses fight to see who can be more ruthless and cruel. The SA and the […]


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The Charge Of The Light Brigade

September 12, 2010

The Battle of Balaclava raged in 1854. On the 25th of October, French light cavalry and English light cavalry were amassed on the battlefield facing East where Russian Commander Pavel Liprandi had 20 infantry battalions and fifty pieces of artillery, all of Liprandi’s forces were famous and blooded Cossack units. The English cavalry assembled there […]

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