. . . Well now you know the US military has a sexual assault problem. Read the copy in the lower right hand corner. Click to Enlarge. . source: Yahoo Related Posts:The Rape Of Germany.The Holocaust That is Going On Right Now.



The Rape Of Germany.

by Daniel Russ on August 29, 2010

Stalin wanted the Russian Army to take Berlin by April 30th, 1945, in time for May 1st 1945, or the Mayday Celebration. The 150th Rifle Division of the Red Guards had come within a few hundred yards of the Reichstag and other government and administrative buildings. Smoke filled the air. Bodies rotted in the streets. […]



The Holocaust That is Going On Right Now.

February 7, 2010

I have taken this entire article from the Sunday New York Times and pasted it here because it is too important to miss. Actually, it is not an article. It is an opinion piece as important as anything the so called US “media” reports on. This is bigger than balloon boy or Tiger Woods or John Edwards sex tape. Of course you won’t find it on CNN or on Fox or on anything else for that matter. Because we don’t have a working press anymore. We have an infotainment industry that uses weapons of mass distraction to keep Americans equally uninformed and titliated.

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