Pearl harbor

    For eight years of the 20th century, the Japanese were on a Crusade. Their progress was driven by an eidolon of the Japanese as a superior race, held back by their unfortunate geography on a tiny island, and by centuries of blind faith in the sword over the gun. In the middle 1930s […]



  HIJM Taiho Pearl Harbor wasn’t a singular event. It was the opening play in a long series of expansive territorial expropriations by the Imperial Japanese Network. It began in December 1926 when Hirohito took power as Emperor. By then Japan was already occupying Manchuria, a rich source of minerals and timber and other lucrative […]



69 Years Ago Today.

December 7, 2010

Related Posts:From 1937 to 1945, Japanese Territory Stretched Over One Fifth of The Earth.Pearl Harbor was just the opening move in Japan’s own blitzkrieg.

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