Admiral Marc Mitscher   Dawn. June 17th 1944, the United States Navy is about to hammer Saipan in the drive to Marianna Islands. Airfields and other real estate features favored the Marianna’s Island as a staging area for B-29 bombers on the attack of the mainland. The strategy this revealed was the notion […]


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The Sea Battle Around Saipan

by Daniel Russ on October 10, 2009

On June 6th, 1944, the USS Enterprise, the Lexington, and the Bunker Hill set out from Najuro to Saipan. Accompanying them were 8000 Marines, at least two divisions of US Army and hundreds of destroyers cruisers, LSTs and battleships. They faced a situation not unlike Iwo Jima, where thousands of Japanese were deeply dug into the island with interconnected tunnel systems and mine fields and cross-covered fields of fire.