Excogitations On Barbarossa.

by Daniel Russ on June 26, 2011

  Oil could have been one of the driving forces behind Operation Barbarossa. Hitler certainly seemed to lose interest in North Africa and had diverted precious oil and supplies to the East in 1941. That put Rommel in a lose-lose situation. While the Allied tidal wave into North Africa pushed all of Afrika Korps conquests […]



Byelorussia in the Fall of 1943 was not a lovely place to be; typically this rural Russian agrarian province would see piles of hay, feedstocks, some light industry, rail yards, lovely small cities like Minsk and farm animals at the edges of town bringing to market the things people live on. Bread. Milk. Goods. These […]



Battle Of Kursk, Part Two

July 20, 2010

  Walter Model, German Commander At Kursk   Kursk was also a battle fought with what today we would call close air support. The Junkers 87 dive bomber, with it’s attack siren and steep diving attitude struck fear into ground troops. During the battle of Kursk, the Germans used them to good effect, particularly by […]

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