Bloody Sebastopol.

by Daniel Russ on November 17, 2013

. .   Hitler was planning his massive invasion of the Soviet Union for June 1941. The invasion itself would be an immense success, with panzer divisions cutting hundred mile swathes into Western Russia, overwhelming the inexperienced Red Guard officer Corps whose order of battle was a gallimaufry of tanks and infantry and horse drawn […]



Post image for The Final Days of Germany Were a Frenetic, Desperate Rear Guard Attempt To Stop The Inevitable.

          Nothing Quite Says It’s Over Than Your Enemy’s Flag On Your Capitol.   By the Spring of 1945, the Germans were not just on the run in most theaters of operation, they were running as fast as they could. The game afoot was for the Allied forces in Western Europe, […]



Erich Von Manstein Thought Hitler Was An Idiot.

October 8, 2012

Erich Von Manstein   He was born Fritz Erich Georg Eduard von Lewinski, the tenth son of a Prussian Plutocrat. His mother’s younger sister and her husband Lieutenant General Georg von Manstein were unable to produce children and so they adopted Erich. He had biological and adoptive parents in the same household. Erich Von Manstein […]

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Germany In Full Retreat.

March 22, 2011

By March 1943, the tide had turned against the German Army, particularly on the Eastern Front. Now, living through their third arctic Soviet winter, the Wehrmacht faced a seemingly endless and new Red Army force. After traveling through a thousand miles of open steppes, crossing rivers, cutting through thick forests, the murderously efficient Germans could […]

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