Robert Gate’s Wake-Up Call.

by Daniel Russ on June 11, 2011

“The blunt reality is that there will be dwindling appetite and patience in the U.S. Congress — and in the American body politic writ large — to expend increasingly precious funds on behalf of nations that are apparently unwilling to devote the necessary resources or make the necessary changes to be serious and capable partners in their own defense,” he said.



This Could Be Harder Than Winning Afghanistan

by Daniel Russ on July 2, 2010

“Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Monday he wants to trim some of the billions of dollars the Pentagon spends on weapons systems and contractor services, part of a Pentagon-wide effort to find $100 billion in savings in the next five years Gates, who already plans to pare down the Pentagon’s huge bureaucracy to save money, […]



Gates Announces New Efforts Against IEDs.

November 13, 2009

The goal is to ensure the military has the same level of capabilities in Afghanistan that it has built in Iraq, he said. These include not just counter-IED measures, but also forensics labs and analytical capabilities to help identify and track terrorist networks that build and emplace them.”

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