“FORT WASHINGTON, Md. — Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said May 3 the U.S. has to ask itself whether it can afford the U.S. Navy’s current plan for billion-dollar destroyers, submarines and carriers. “The Navy and Marine Corps must be willing to re-examine and question basic assumptions in light of evolving technologies, new threats and […]



Japan Back In The Aircraft Carrier Business

by Daniel Russ on September 10, 2009

  Japan Launches A Second Aircraft Carrier by James Dunnigan September 8, 2009 Japan launched its second aircraft carrier ( the Ise)  since World War II, on August 21st. This past March, it commissioned the first of these ships, the “helicopter-carrying destroyer”, the Hyuga. These are 610 foot long, 18,000 ton warships that operates up […]


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