Battle of Britain

Post image for The First All Aircraft Battle: The Battle of Britain and Its Amazing Casualties.

    Operation Sealion was a planned air borne and amphibious assault on the British Isles. Hitler was looking for a way to force the British into some concessions and possibly surrender.  It began with a plan to soften up the United Kingdom’s mighty Royal Air Force and so an all out air assault began […]



During the summer and autumn of 1940, The Wehrmacht was in full control of the French beaches facing Britain. Hitler was planning an invasion of England called Operation Sea Lion. A massive amphibious and airborne invasion staged from France couldn’t be accomplished without first destroying Britain’s Air Force and air defenses. So the Battle of […]



70th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Britain (Two Days Ago)

June 12, 2010

The Germans needed to control the English Channel to launch her invasion of Britain (which the Germans code-named Operation Sealion). They needed this control of the Channel so that the British Navy would not be able to attack her invasion barges which were scheduled to land on the Kent and Sussex beaches. To control the […]

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