March 9th, 1945, wave after wave of US B-29 Super Fortress bombers lay down 2000 tons of incendiary ordinance on Tokyo over the next two days. Some 16 square miles in and around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Launching out of Saipan and Tinian Islands in the Marriannas, the B-29s would be stripped of […]


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Behemoth Steel Forges That Once Made Bombers.

by Daniel Russ on February 21, 2012

Boing Boing is my favorite blog. Recently they featured a piece about the huge forging presses that once made heavy bombers and gigantic transports in the United States. This is from an article from The Atlantic Magazine and it is about the mammoth machines we created to make the machines we used to wage war. […]



The First US Officer To View The Devastation Of The Atomic Bomb.

May 30, 2010

A friend of mine works at a place downtown where I hang out and work on my computer. I told her about my blog and she told me her father was an Air Force pilot and he was the first man to fly bomb damage assessment over destroyed Japanese cities. Here in two parts are […]

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