B-17 Over Europe    Edmund Shibble was an American Ball Turret Gunner in a B-17 Flying Fortress . During an attack on Koblenz, Germany, his plane was broken in two at 23,000 feet and he fell to the ground in the flight deck of the plane. He survived with a broken back.   […]



In World War II, airmen from around the world were doing something no one had ever done. They got up in the morning and enjoyed breakfast and then they climbed into vehicles and made war hundreds of miles away in another country. If they were lucky, they would return and sleep in their own bunk […]


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Liberty Bell, Famous B-17 Finally Goes Down. They should Stop Flying All B-17s and B-29s Immediately. (Error Corrected)

June 14, 2011

This old bird took off yesterday from Aurora Airport and crew smelled smoke. A Texan T-6 chase plane from the same era reported fire and the plane crash landed at Highway 71 and Minkler Road in Oswego. This was a historic plane and should have been left on the ground. Heck, Civil War re-enacters don’t use real musket balls.

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