Month: October 2009

Mission Accomplished.

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Two powerful suicide car bombs blew up outside the Justice Ministry and city government offices in downtown Baghdad Sunday, killing at least 136 people in the worst attack in more than two years. Iraqi leaders said the attacks aimed to disrupt political progress in the months leading up to January’s crucial elections.


Iraqi Violence Continues

BAGHDAD – A bomb attached to a car killed a man and wounded his wife and their three sons in Abu Ghraib district of western Baghdad, police said. BAAJ – A roadside bomb targeting an Iraqi army patrol killed one soldier in Baaj, 375 km (233 miles) northwest of Baghdad, police said.


Former US Army Officer And Author Of The Limits Of Power Asks A Great Question: Can We Even Win The Afghanistan War?

Fixing Afghanistan is not only unnecessary, it’s also likely to prove impossible. Not for nothing has the place acquired the nickname Graveyard of Empires. Americans, insistent that the dominion over which they preside does not meet the definition of empire, evince little interest in how the British, Russians, or others have fared in attempting to impose their will on the Afghans.