Napoleonic Wars

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Battlefield Part II.

Getting to the battlefield cost Napoleon one of his biggest defeats. La Grande Armee marched into Moscow with 450,000 men and returned across the Brezhina River with 40,000. Much of the death was simply the Russian winter. The serfs the French mistreated on the way in destroyed most of his army in the way out. Napoleon was literally run out of the country on his horseback. His men starved or succumbed to pneumonia or typhoid. The cost to American troops of just getting to the battlefield was also rather high. They don’t make movies about the troop transports that slipped beneath the waves in rough seas. They don’t talk about a wooden glider that crashes and killed every raw recruit aboard. But this happens. The price of war is not paid in dollars. The price of war is death.