Korean War

Thoughts On The Forgotten War.

This was the first war where jet powered fighters engaged each other in dogfights. Our primary jet fighters were the F-84 Thunderjet, F9F Panthers and Cougars, and the F-86 Sabers. The Chinese flew the Mig-15, and the Yak 9. Heavy and medium bombers were used, particularly the B-29 Superfortress. The helicopter came into its own as a troop mover and a medevac platform, in particular, the Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw made famous by MASH. This was a bad start for prisoners of war in the Cold War as well. The Chinese executed a lot of POWs and innocents thought to be pro America or simply anti- Communist. It was a war where news footage was more present and coverage more complete. But when it ended, a war weary America had no parades for the veterans. It has been named The Forgotten War for a reason. the DMZ stretches across Korea west to east, 4 kilometers wide, utterly and totally militarized.