An ad guy who is fascinated with military history and culture.

The Knife Sold Only To Soldiers.

When John Ek went before the War Department and asked from high carbon steel, they were skeptical. They needed high carbon steel for tank barrels. He took one of his knives, went to the car, pulled off a hub cap and filled his hand with car grease, grabbed the knife and thrust it into the floor so securely none of them could pull it out.


The Dogs Of War.

“Former Air Force Tech Sgt. Harvey Holt and his dog, Jackson (officially it’s “Jjackson,” with the double “J” signifying that he was bred by the Defense Department), were pinned down by sniper fire in 2006 while on patrol outside Baquba, north of Baghdad. During a break in the fire, he took his dog, a Belgian Malinois, through the field to find the sniper. Jackson picked up a scent, sprinted toward a bale of hay, jumped in head first and pulled the sniper out by his calf, Holt said.”