President Kennedy’s Bomb Shelter.

by Daniel Russ on December 14, 2011

A fallout shelter not unlike this was bult in the Cold War for the President.

Fallout Shelter

It’s easy to forget how scared Americans really were that the Soviet Union and the United States would annihilate each other in thermonuclear fireballs. The propaganda we used against them and the propaganda they used against us kept everyone in a constant state of anxiety. In 1961 on Peanut Butter Island in Florida, President John F. Kennedy and his family had a presidential bomb shelter constructed. Apparently he showed up there twice during rehearsals.

Anthony Miller, of the Palm Beach Maritime Museum said that it was kept as a secret until 1974.

“With the Soviets intent on shipping nuclear warheads to nearby Cuba, Kennedy was assured a radiation-proof haven a mere five-minute helicopter hop from his oceanfront winter home on millionaire’s row in Palm Beach. Peanut Island sits just between Palm Beach and its ritzy companion, Singer Island. It was intended to be used as a terminal for shipping peanut oil;  that never happened, but the name stuck.”

It was a long thickly walled metal shaft hidden by palm trees. It was difficult to build an aureate hideout like this to satisfy a head of state. The accommodations fit 30 people in 15 bunk beds for 30 days. There was a Presidential Seal and a Ham Radio. It was replete with lead lined water containers. It had soaps and cleansers and deodorant and clothing and military K rations.

Oh the joy.

Source: NYT


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