The Arc Of Instability.

Drone wars, Obama's secret wars
RQ-9 Predator

The Daily Beast featured an article about the United State’s involvement all over the map in tiny wars of insurgency, in a geographic arc described as the “arc of Instability”. This is another cryptic neo-con term that secretly adumbrates a gigantic swath of the globe that includes about half of the nations on Earth. It is in these places where oligarchical powers who rule the country, allied with their corporate backing, spend the resources of the taxpayer in black box budgets and projects that you will never hear about.


Nick Turse of TomDispatch writes:  “All of this suggests that there may, in fact, not be a single nation within the arc of instability, however defined, in which the United States is without a base or military or intelligence personnel, or where it is not running agents, sending weapons, conducting covert operations — or at war.”


I think about the schools in America that desperately need the funds we are spending on military forays and the funds we are spending to keep them quiet. There are operations around the world where US drones are striking targets our children have never heard of and no American could find on a map without two hands, a flashlight and a wi-fi connection.


Just as in South American during the Cold War, when American underground operations kept legitimately elected Communist leaders out of power and replaced by some of the worst dictators; so too the Obama Administration’s support for Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen created a special relationship with Yemeni Special Forces that are now killing protestors.


 With Americans balking at defending arc-of-instability nations, with clear indications that military interventions don’t promote stability, and with a budget crisis of epic proportions at home, it remains to be seen what pretexts the Obama administration will rely on to continue a failed policy — one that seems certain to make the world more volatile and put American citizens at greater risk.”


For too long, the US foreign policy has been rendered into a hyper secretive global military operation with little respect for international law, no respect at all for the American public from whom the decisions have been kept and no accounting for the results. The instability that US covert operations have wrought upon unsuspecting governments is policy that has failed to do much for world peace while engendering hatred for the US across the world.


Of course this is a natural sequel to a country that requires tens of millions just to get elected, hundreds of millions to stay in power, and a treasury that spends over half of our tax dollars on industries that benefit directly from these covert missions.


Eisenhower was right.


And we didn’t listen.


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