Booing A Gay Soldier

by Daniel Russ on September 26, 2011

Stephen Hill

A few nights ago when the Republican presidential candidates “debated”, a gay soldier, Stephen Hill, had sent in a video that was played asking the candidates if they would undermine the repeal of DADT.
After his comment, members of the audience booed.
From Daily Beast, we have a quote from Dan Choi, the Gay soldier who led the repeal battle. “Any soldier who courageously stands for truth and not comfort should be applauded, supported and respected. Stephen Hill serves our country,” Choi said in an email. “Those who boo our honorable soldiers do not support our troops.”
None of the GOP candidates, of course, thanked Hill for his service.
I can’t think of anytime I was less proud for American than at that time. Even when the Bush administration lied to Americans about the imminent threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction, at least we honored our own. But today the Republican Party is so extremist, so bigoted, so anti-science, so set on an anti intellectualism that it is quite officially off the hook. The Republicans have misaverred that homosexuals would ruin unit cohesion and that it’s a sin and has no place in the military; and coinicidentally, just like they said Blacks had no place in the military a half century ago.
The media is at fault for letting this gaffe go unchecked and no American with any self respect at all should let this cold blooded partisan American Taliban-like thinking continue to pollute public discourse. When you start booing soldiers, you lose me. And if anyone reading this disagrees, shame on you.

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