The Amazing Planes of Blohm & Voss

by Daniel Russ on September 28, 2011

Years ago when I started this blog I wrote a piece about the strange Blohm & Voss 141, a strange bomber that B&V created that placed the fuselage and engine off to one side of the wing and counterbalanced it with a separate nacelle.

Find The BV 141 Here

Since then I have discovered that Blohm & Voss was one of the most daring interesting aircraft design companies. They championed a wide range of innovative designs, most which only survive as blueprints. Here are a few of the ones I find the most interesting

Blohm & Voss P. 194

Blohm & Voss 194

B&V also explored powered aircraft using different sources of power. The BV P.194 9 (above ) was driven by a propeller engine and jet engines. It was based on the BV 141 except with an added powerplant in the form of a jet.



Blohm & Voss P. 202 Scissor Wing

The BV P.202 (above) was the world’s first scissor wing plane. It would have been designed to optimize airflow and minimize drag form twisting the fixed wing configuration in a scissors like motion. Messerschmitt also championed this design in the P1109.



Blohm & Voss P.213

Blohm & Voss P. 213

The BV P. 213 was a miniature jet powered fighter that could climb into the sky, outmaneuver any fighter and shoot it down. The Argus AS 014 pulse jet powered this single fuselage, shoulder mounted high wing aircraft. It was to be made of wood for lightness and be armed with at lest a single 30mm gun.


Blohm & Voss P. 209

The BV P. 209 was a single seat single engine swept forward fighter design. This would be the World’s first swept forward wing. The US did not try this until the 70s with the Grumman X-29A.



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