Max Manus

by Daniel Russ on September 27, 2011

Max Manus

Maximo Guillermo “Max” Manus (December 9th, 1914 – September 20th, 1996). Manus was a born in Norway, but left the country when he turned 14 and spent time in South America. When the Russians invaded Finland in 1940, he rushed back and fought as a volunteer. Then the Nazis invaded his country in the same year, so he returned to Norway and fought in a volunteer corps. During a battle in the Southern Campaign, the Norwegian Army surrendered. Before you know it his country was gone. He was shocked, and as a result immediately disappeared into the resistance movement.
The Gestapo arrested him as a leader of the resistance movement and during the arrest, he fled and jump through a window and landed in a hospital. Once there, he escaped and took a boat to Britain where he trained as a saboteur. In Norway again he led a group called Norwegian Independent Company 1.
Most famously, he made what today we would call IEDs. His targets were primarily the German heavy freighters that used Norwegian waters to resupply their own massive war effort. His biggest flourish was the sinking of the SS Donau in 1945. He also destroyed the records archive that would allow Germans to identify youth candidates to be recruited to fight for Germany.

Source: Wikipedia Norwegian, Netflix


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