The 420mm OKA Nuclear Howitzer.

by Daniel Russ on October 31, 2011

Post image for The 420mm OKA Nuclear Howitzer. 420mm OKA Nuclear Howitzer The OKA 420mm Russian Nuclear Howitzer


The 420mm Russian OKA Nuclear Howitzer.



 The OKA was a 420mm Self Propelled Nuclear Howitzer developed and introduced in 1957. This gun was so unlikely to make it around a dynamic battlefield it was mostly just a gun for show, Not that they wouldn’t have used it, but this gun posed little threat to NATO forces in light of the fact that everyone was scared to death that the US and USSR would annihilate each other. Like the US, projects like this were ongoing during the Cold War. One can hardly imagine the sheer difficulty an army would have moving this around within 50 miles of utter obliteration followed by safe egress.




The following video has great still of this behemoth but some kind if thrash metal German band accompaniment. I recommend you turn the sound all the way down or delay watching this until you are deaf.




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Louis September 6, 2017 at 2:27 pm

These guns, and the americans had similar ones, were meant to use tactical nukes. Small detonations, to either secure choke points yourself, by blasting the enemy, and then advance into there with full NBC gear on, or deny the enemy territory, by radiating choke point, (re)supply areas or assembly areas.

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