Protect Your Baby From Warfare. From

by Daniel Russ on October 30, 2011

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Baby Gas Mask

This country has always been host to a culture enthralled with warfare. We have also been enthralled with money. And where the two intersect is so very American. But Americans in the thirties and forties were scared of warfare. And rightly so. They had no idea what was coming. Americans during war were  scared. We watched helplessly as Germany poured thousands of bombs on homes in England.  Today the bete noire of American fear mongers are the Jihadists. After the Second World War, we endured the creepy  Cold War which was the first of a long series of massive national fear fests that Americans participate in. The Cold War threatened massive thermonuclear devastation and it was accompanied by Hollywood that made it scarier with spiders that grew to massive proportions when exposed ti radiation. That said,  here was a chance to give people a fighting chance should something really weird happen, like a gas attack on a family traveling with a baby. Then we assume the family is actually prepared for this with this get up. Homemade bomb shelters made lots of money for people who wold plans, cement, Ham radios, and water purification tablets.




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