The Daimler MarienWagen. Germany’s First Tank.

by Daniel Russ on October 27, 2011


Daimler MarienWagen

Daimler MarienWagen

In some ways the monstrous MarienWagen Gepanzert was the German’s first tank, or rather, their reaction to seeing large English and French tanks on the battlefield at The Somme. They had two machine guns and two 20mm cannons. This monstrosity was built by Daimler. It was operated by six to ten people and fairly lightly armored, but enough to stop the .30 cal rounds flying out of English and American machine guns and other small arms.

Model of the Daimler MarienWagen

Schematic of early German Tank by Daimler

Source: Dark Roast Blend, Wikipedia


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Louis September 6, 2017 at 2:17 pm

The sketches below the photos are for the A7V tank, which was the only german tank type to see action in WW I. About 20 of those were build, and used.

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