The Krupp Kugelpanzer

by Daniel Russ on October 23, 2011

Ball Tank Concept
From the looks of it, one would think that the Germans did more thinking and research and development for weapon systems than perhaps any nation before. From flying wings to cruise missiles, it comes as little surprise to see a one man reconnaissance platform in the form of a one man tank. Given the free reign the designers had to think outside the box, sometimes they stayed inside it The Kugelpanzer means Ball Tank. There exists only one surviving copy of the tank and it is in the Kubinka Museum. This was indeed a novel idea and appropriately showed up in forward thinking engineering magazines.
It was round, and provided a stable sitting platform for a single person operating it with its two-stroke engine. It was little more than a ten centimeter armored shell and a gun port. This particular Kugelpanzer was captured intact in Manchuria and had a German MG 42 inside.
Kugel PanzerKugelpanzer Kugelpanzer



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