“Don’t Be A Sucker In Germany.”

by Daniel Russ on July 27, 2011

Don't Be A Sucker In Germany

This Book was published and given to occupying American soldiers as a warning about the true nature of the German people and the nature of the resistance. It is truly one of the most bigoted, racist, prejudiced pieces of literature ever published. It is astonishing, yet strangely understandable in light of the desperate and bloody fighting and carnage that had just taken place.


Your attitude toward women is wrong — in Germany. You’ll see a lot of good-looking babes on the make there. German women have been trained to seduce you. Is it worth a knife in the back ? In Holland, girls belonging to the resistance made dates with German soldiers. Just after dark they walked their dates along a canal or river. At certain places, Dutchmen waited. Then, a wallop with a sock full of sand from behind, and another unconscious German soldier was shoved into a canal to drown.

One Dutchman now serving with the Ninth Army teamed with his sister to drown 15 Germans in canals during the German occupation of Holland. Altogether hundreds of German soldiers were “liquidated” this way. A French resistor says: “From my experience during five years of occupation, I know that German women are often used as underground workers, and sometimes they are slyer and more fanatic than men.”


Don’t believe there are any “good” Germans in Germany. Of course you know good Germans back home. They had guts enough and sense enough to break away from Germany long ago because they couldn’t go along with German militarism and intolerance. Don’t believe that it was only the Nazi government that brought on this war. Any people have the kind of government they want and deserve. Only a few people bucked the Nazis. You won’t meet them; the Nazis purged them long ago.

Most prisoners and conquered German civilians deny being Nazis. They are all “good” Germans. After the war you won’t find any German — man, woman or child — who will admit to ever having been a Nazi. One Belgian major, wounded twice in two wars with Germany, knows Germans better than most of us ever will. He was stationed in Germany in the Belgian Army of Occupation from 1918 to 1929. He says: “A German is, by nature, a liar.”


Toward children, you’re wrong again. You’ve generously given them chewing gum and candy all across Europe. Don’t do it now. All kids aren’t friendly and innocent. Yell “Achtung” (attention) at a bunch of these kids and watch them snap-to. That’s how they’re trained. For what? You guess. A kid can carry messages. A kid can shoot you just as dead as a grown man. Some German kids have been trained for underground work, espionage and sabotage.

In January 1945, a known group of five boys between the ages of 12 to 16 were behind our lines attempting to cut telephone lines. They had been trained for that job — and others — in a school of sabotage for boys. The idea was that soft-hearted Americans who like children so much wouldn’t suspect kids of sabotage. You wouldn’t suspect these five — just talking to them.

Source: http://www.3ad.com/history/wwll/feature.pages/occupation.booklet.htm



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Louis September 5, 2017 at 7:17 am

Nice opening with the Dutch bit. And totally wrong. Yes, the drowning might have happened, but I doubt it would be at least 15, before the authoritites (German) would strike back, and hold more dutchmen hostage untill the culprit would give himself up, and then shoot both the hostages and the culprit.

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