President Obama Is A Black Belt At Inside Fighting.

President Barack Obama At A News Conference
President Barack Obama At A News Conference

The battles being fought in the appropriations committees are as ignored by our vaunted press corp as as are the rest of the important stories in the world. What few people are realizing is that Barack Obama just won three major knife fights in areas traditionally won by conservatives.

First he convinced the Senate to cut out an additional spending amendment to the F-22 bill. We’ve yet to see how long that lasts. But brother believe me the very fact that he didn’t have to send the bill back for a bruising fight shows his adroitness.

Then he had a gun-toting amendment that would make the strictest local ordinance regarding pistol packing conform to the less strict ordinances where the gun license originated. Defeated.

Then he knocked down the F-135 engine for the F-35.

Again, we’ll see if these bills stay dead. But the quickness and the way it passed under most radars, is simply amazing.

One. Two. Three. This is warfare too. It is warfare with a way of doing business in this country.


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