The War No One Knows About.

Al-Ittihad al-Islamiya
Al- Shabaab means the “youth” in Arabic. It refers to the Radicalized Islamic political organization that we really should fear and keep a watch on. This group is the Al-Quaeda of the Horn of Africa, and they are represented in the anarchic daimyo known as The Islamic Courts. The Islamic Courts and the Transitional Federal Government have been battling over Mogadishu for the past several years. Given that Al Shabaab is a recruitment organization, it must be kept in mind that it is populated by indigenous Somalis who have a claim on some of the territory on their Ethiopian border. So fighters on behalf of the Islamic Courts began raids into Ethiopia. Ethiopia had two advantages from the outset. First they already had a pretty modern army that by central African standards was well trained and ready to go. Secondly, the United States, particularly the Obama Administration has allied to help them in their fights to keep radical Islam out of Ethiopia.
Oh, the irony and the tragedy that Obama is aggressively attacking radical Islamic groups in cahoots with Al Quaeda leadership and most Americans think he is a …oh forget it.
Ethiopia already marched into Somalia and smashed members of this organization and others that shot people for watching the World Cup, and banned music at weddings. But make no mistake about it Obama has added Yemen, Pakistan, and Lybia to our drone attacks since his presidency began.
The Reaper
The US intelligence community knows that if there ever was going to be a caliphate imposed upon a poor rural population and use it to destabilize western governments it would be from forces inside of Somalia. So this time we are witnessing one of the first video game wars ever fought in history. I say that knowing full well that there may be lots of assets on the ground. But the tip of the sword is a remote control device.

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