The Gay Bomb.

by Daniel Russ on August 31, 2011

Post image for The Gay Bomb. Pink Tank
A Freedom of Information Act request in the nineties produced a proposal written at the United States Air Force Research Lab. The idea was to drop bombs with pheromone-laden aphrodisiacs that would cause soldiers to be homosexual. The paper mentions it would be “Distasteful but non lethal”. One has to wonder how much money was spent on this. I mean, yeah, forget killing our enemies, let’s just make them act “distastefully”. Once they realize they are queer, then they’ll demand uniforms that “go” with their natural colors.
“Excuse me Sergeant, but my BDUs are all olive green, and I mean…well I am a Summer color pallette. What can I do? I mean I can’t go into combat looking like this!!!”
This is why there is a Freedom Of Information Act.

Source: Wikipedia, Freaking News


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