Tibetan Soldiers Fought For Russia And Germany.

by Daniel Russ on May 31, 2011

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In 1944, some of the prisoners that belonged to the Wehrmacht were Russians. Keep in mind that not all Russian wanted to die for Mother Russia. Stalin killed in between 25 and 35 million people in his great purges, and other operations meant to despoil political opponents’ efforts. You can’t kill that many people and not make plenty of enemies amongst your own. The Tartars hated the Russians for taking over their land and forcing Communism on them. That said, there were Tartars who helped lay siege to Stalingrad, to Leningrad, and the Germans even complimented them on their robust combat abilities.


Recently I was scrolling through Beachcombing’s terrific blog (blog rolled here) when I came across a reference to a strange group of people who were walking one day, crossed a border and then found themselves forced labor and later turned into soldiers. It turns out these people were speaking a language that no one understood. The French and the English asked some linguists to drop by and help them with the language. A French officer noticed that this group, taken prisoner in France, ands he recognized the language from his service in India. They were Tibetans. After a while, he managed to get out of them an account of how they found themselves in Europe fighting in a war they had no skin in.


Some years earlier they had strayed over the frontier into the Soviet Union and had been conscripted into a labour battalion, afterwards being sent to western Russia when the war with Germany broke out. They were taken prisoner by the Germans and sent to North Africa; later they were sent to France, then exchanged into a fighting unit when the Second Front opened, and taken prisoner by the British. All this time they had been able to speak to nobody but one another, and had no notion of what was happening or who was fighting whom.


Wow. Tibetans fighting in Europe, for the Germans. World War II was truly the deadliest and the strangest time in human history.


Source: Beachcombing, blogrolled here.



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