Bigfoot, Hauntings, UFOs And Those Infernal Shows About Them.


1699 St. Didier, Vaucluse,  Avignon, France


“A priest saw a large light and three globes coming from the sky and merge together. “As I arrived near the oratory, I noticed the sky open, a great light appeared and I soon observed three globes of fire. The middle one was higher than the other two….immediately I fell to my knee and thanks God for such a great marvel. At the same time two more lights appeared but a bit higher than the place the chapel is located…the two globes merged with the middle one and vanished.”


Source: L’Histoire De La Diocese D’Avignon, by Abbott Granget.


The UFO phenomenon is centuries old and did not start with Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of disc shaped flying object over the Cascade Mountains in 1947. It is one of the strangest facts about UFOs that I try to wrap my head around. Are these really beings from another world? Why not reveal themselves? Is this a psychological phenomenon? Is it a geological phenomenon? Are they time travelers? Why are we seeing the same phenomena over a period of two thousand years and still not have a grasp on it? Gravity, electromagnetism, the weak force, the strong force, dark matter, quantum mechanics, all these recondite topics we have expertise on across the world. But lights in the sky, seemingly under intelligent control and after all this time what we have are personal testimonies and inconclusive footage. There are other unexplained portions of this phenomenon: implants removed from people appear to have structure and machine like functions. Radar tracking has also produced fairly amazing results. The thing that bothers me is not just that it happens. It’s that it always seems to be just outside of the reach of conclusive proof.



It’s like that series called Destination Truth. Or Finding Bigfoot. These shows are the Cable News of scientific methodology. The crews always seem to come very close to some large animal in the woods, or some extremely large bird just flew over one of them over an unheard of lake in southeast Asia…cut to commericial, cut to promo…more tension…show me the MONSTER!…There…there’s FLIR footage of something about 60 yards away….ooops. It’s gone. Lost him. And here we now see the cameras are all on night vision and we get to see the faces of explorers up close as they squawk to each other over their walkie talkies: “there’s a ‘Squatch’ right around here.” Cut to one of the show hosts: “We decided we would make mating calls to this Sasquatch and see if he would call us back.”


My wife calls these shows: “Destination Twig Snap.” Both she and I believe in the existence of Bigfoot and UFOs and Ghosts. I don’t find it hard to believe at all that there are still unclassified hominids on every continent that have survived evolutions progress. I actually find the testimony of astronauts and combat pilots about UFOs to be quite compelling. I believe the countless millions of people who have experienced haunting cannot all be wrong or deceitful attempts to draw attention.


Finding Bigfoot
Finding Bigfoot


It’s just that you have to have more proof than vaguely green night vision footage. Of these shows, Monster Quest is actually the most compelling. They even found something. The Greenland Shark, a 50 foot plus man eater had never been seen by biologists outside of blue water oceans and they filmed one in the Mississippi River. That was cool, but no Bigfoot. Why don’t they set out on an expedition to capture a Bigfoot? I mean find the SAR assets, the manpower and wildlife biologists as consultants, and go get one. If they can get within 100 yards of a new animal we should be able to grab it.


A Sasquatch may have thrown a rock at a cabin where Dr. Jeff Meldrum was filming. Ghost Hunters may in fact have filmed a chair moving by itself. But I have no idea if a string was attached and they were fooled by the production company or we were all fooled and really it is all a hoax. The sound echoing back from the deep woods answering the Bigfoot call may in fact have been a Bigfoot. But what they show is tantalizing and tantalizing is not evidence. It’s like a crime show that has only the most perfunctory forensic evidence but plentiful amounts of oral testimony and circumstantial evidence.


I wish they would be more original too. One network puts on a Ghost hunter show and then another very similar ghost hunter show goes on. Now there are two monster hunter shows and two Bigfoot hunter shows. It’s just madness. Surprise everyone. Show proof. The kind that would stand up under the most stringent scientific methodology. And we wouldn’t care if the production companies all produced the same shows over in perpetuity. But they don’t stand for anything of value. The show producers could care less about whether these phenomenon are real. They simply want eyes to TV sets and hits on their websites. And if Casey Anthony can’t do it, then Bigfoot can.


Selected Frames From The Roger Patterson Bob Gimlin Footage Of 1967. Note 352, The Most Famous.

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