The French Machine Boirault Mine Field/Barbed Wire/Trench Crossing Machine

Machine Boirault French Made Armored Landship

The Machine Boirault was a very large French solution to moving firepower through the static and heavy fire environments of World War I. Not many people know that it was the French who invented the tank and in between World War I and World War II they did most of the initial development on tank technology. Obviously the Germans shot past them by the beginning of World War II

This behemoth weighed 30 metric tons and was eight meters tall. It was an armored machine moving through a single set of parallel tracks that encircled the machine from overhead to the ground. Designer Louis Boirault of the French war Ministry designed the tank to traverse barbed wire and entire trench systems. By the end of its testing it was deemed too slow and complicated and nicknames Diplodocus Militarus. The French defunded it but Mr. Boirault persisted and was able finally to convince the French officials to allow him to construct a second one in light of what they learned in early tests.

Boirault Machine
The Second Boirault Machine
Second Boirault Machine



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