The Empire Strikes Back

by Daniel Russ on May 1, 2011

President Barack Obama

Mission Accomplished. And what this all means.


For Obama: He delivered the coup de grace in the war on terror that Bush started and couldn’t deliver in eight years. This is a feather in his cap that portends, barring a massive retaliatory strike on US soil, that he will win the next presidency. You could look at it that way. Imagine had Carter’s mission to rescue the hostages in Iran had been successful. He probably would have won re-election. Then again, Bush 41’s masterful prosecution of Desert Storm did not win him a new election. There is still a universe of things that could happen between now and a year and a half from now. This will still spell good news for Obama.


Obama sauntered out of the classic White House press room hallway before microphones set up for addressing the nation. He took his time. He was succinct, confident and well-spoken. He stumbled a few times talking about the report, so the conservatives will talk about his teleprompter problems. But he took credit for the operation and spelled it out carefully and articulately. He played his hand beautifully.


For Obama the drama did not come by dressing up in a flight suit and landing on a carrier for PR flacks at the White House. It came as a matter of course and he comported himself very well at this juncture. This win lacks the fine spin and hidden agendas. It is a real win and it is even more real that is was not brought to the US with hype.


After Katrina, Bush’s team setup cameras and fake set props and he made a speech and never returned to New Orleans again. Not Obama. And despite the enemies and the sworn enemies, this will be a hard one to take from him, to take from us, and to take from the generally believed stories that say this is the truth.


For the GOP: That thump you just felt? That was the GOP’s collective sphincter slamming shut. The GOP has gone off the deep edge a while ago. Sanity and rationality isn’t synonymous with them these days, but the media celebrates one outrageous Conservative’s views after another because it draws audiences. In regards to this, the more the GOP tries to downplay this, ignore it, or reframe it into something else, the worse they will look. Watching Fox tonight, they were all duly respectful and many leading Republicans congratulated Obama graciously.


The Tea Party: Or you might call them extremely radical Republicans. They are also unhappy because the object of their utmost disdain has scored the miracle shot that so many Americans were looking for. A bullet to the head of Osama Bin Laden is the ballot that the majority of Americans will be voting on come next year’s Fall. What hurts the Tea Partiers is the fact that a major coup was struck by a deliberate, calm and rational guy-the diametric opposite of a Te Party candidate. No outrgaeous claims, no wild PR stunts, just a mission that should have been accomplished long ago.


The occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan: I don’t think it makes sense that we are still manning Iraq and still have tens of thousands of US personnel and billions in equipment still there. Many Americans may rethink why we are in Afghanistan and that will further drive support for that mission and for the President’s agenda. The occupations will go on and will be bolstered by this news that SOMETHING is happening that is undeniably positive in all the blood and shekels we are spending in both theatres of operations.


Cable TV: For the cable news networks, this will be hundreds of hours of programming, specials, punditry and so forth. For other cable channels, the firefight that killed him will be subject of a million re-enactments.


Conspiracy Theorists. They will say Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden were constructs of the US intelligence services. They will say this was all planned from the beginning. They will say Osama staged this entire event to promote the illusion that this terror mastermind is dead. Globalists decided he should die and he died. Who knows what they will say?


For the war: Americans should expect terrorists to hit us again and soon. The struggle against organized terror will not be slowed by this strike. It might in fact be accelerated. We will see probably counter attacks on US assets or citizens somewhere and a series of self-congratulatory pronouncements from people who live in caves in the Peshawar region of Pakistan. The Afghanistan mission will gain support and so will the Iraq occupation.


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Chuck Shotton May 2, 2011 at 4:29 am

This is a feather in his cap that portends, barring a massive retaliatory strike on US soil, that he will win the next presidency.

The economy is in shambles, our national deficit is spiraling out of control, we are fighting 3 ground wars, we are certainly NOT better off than we were 2 years ago, and you expect that the assassination of a single old man is going to ensure Obama’s re-election? Please pass the KoolAde….

Daniel Russ May 2, 2011 at 6:27 am

I am not drinking the kool-aid. Only watching things.

Yes, this is how politics is done in the US. It isn’t the facts that matter. It’s the stories you tell. Like Bush winning re-election after getting us into a war he and his cronies concocted.


Corsair8X May 14, 2011 at 12:44 pm

I’m not certain it’s a slam dunk for Obama. Timing wasn’t perfect. If it happened in a year then it would be an almost guarantee. Still plenty of time for an openent to be chosen and separate himself from what Obame is/will be. Also, I think Obama is too stuck in his rational ways to beat this drum then.

Whether Bin Laden or Bin Dead-awhile, the US will still be mired in wars because you are dominated by interventionalists on the left and neocons on the right. Until one side or the other gets your country off of that path, you will be driving from one conflict to another. And every conflict you visit a part of you will stay behind while the others drive off because everybody wants to Nation-build. This is why you hemmorage cash. Eventually other countries will stop handing out bandages in the form of loans. Then the US will have to leave those conflicts even if the timing is the very worst for US strategic self-interest.

Push your representatives to abandon intervention. That’s the grass-roots “change” that America needs. And that need is fast approaching desperation.

Daniel Russ May 15, 2011 at 3:03 pm

It’s true my friend. Our leaders are representing corporations. The more I learn about history, the more I feel we are Rome about 50 BCE.

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