Take A Look. The Sikorsky X-2 Rotor Hub Assembly Resembles Mystery Assault Seal Team 6 Rotocraft.

Sikorsky X-2 Technology Light Tactical Rotorcraft

“As an all-new design, the X2 LTH represents one extreme of the aircraft known to be on offer for the AAS requirement to replace the Army’s OH-58D Kiowa Warriors. At the other extreme is start-up AVX Aircraft’s proposal to upgrade the OH-58Ds with coaxial rotors and ducted fans. In the middle is EADS North America’s offer of the AAS-72X armed derivative of the Army’s UH-72A Lakota light utility helicopter.

Sikrosky’s offer comes as the company has yet to achieve its goal of exceeding 250kt with the privately funded X2 Technology demonstrator, because of flight-test delays caused by replacement of the transmission after discovery of a manufacturing flaw. The X2 is now expected to achieve its speed goal by mid-year.

Sikorsky has been displaying its LTH full-scale mock-up around the bazaars for some time, and saying it would be ready to deliver new commercial and military helicopters incorporating X2 technology in the 2015-18 timeframe. But including the LTH in its RFI response shows considerable confidence in the concept.

To recap, what Sikorsky calls X2 Technology is a combination of fly-by-wire flight controls, contra-rotating rigid rotors, low-drag hubs, active vibration control and integrated auxiliary propulsion that enables a 250kt cruise while retaining the helicopter’s low-speed agility and efficient hovering.

EADS, meanwhile, has announced at Quad-A that it will independently fund three AAS-72X demonstrators, jointly with AAS team-mates American Eurocopter and Lockheed Martin. The first will fly late this year and be used for mission-equipment integration, performance testing and survivability validation. The AAS-72X is based on Eurocopter’s commercial EC145, with Lockheed developing the mission system.”

Sikorsky X-2 Rotor Resembles Rotor Assembly Of Seal 6 Copter





3 thoughts on “Take A Look. The Sikorsky X-2 Rotor Hub Assembly Resembles Mystery Assault Seal Team 6 Rotocraft.”

  1. I have to question how you mean similar. First, that thing hanging over the wall is the tail rotor. It appears to me from the pic of the research aircraft that that tail rotor is of a pusher class. Notice in the crashed bird that the rotor assembly is perpindicular to the fins. So it can’t be a pusher. And the fact that there are fins at all mean that it can’t be a part of the main rotor assembly. As a result, to my eye I’m still inclined to think it’s a heavily modified Blackhawk-style helo.

    However, I may have also misinterpreted what you were trying to write.

  2. The rotor assembly looks to be enclosed in a cylinder, for example.

    I might be out of my mind. You’re probably right though.

  3. I understand what you mean. I think you’ll see that this was a sort of design that came about with the Commanche program. I’m not saying it started it, but I’m pointing to commanche as another stealth helo that has the same feature. As a result, that may simply be a trait of stealthy helos at this time.

    The commanche mocks I’m referring to are not the “red top” versions, but the ground test versions that have the rotor assembally buried within a rotor-head. Google images will show you both rotor heads.

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