US Navy Sends Cruise Missiles To Abate Lybian Air Defense Systems

RGM 109 Cruise Missile

AP reports that the US and UK warships have fired 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles in a furious display of precision munitions to knock out Ghadaffi’s anti-air defenses along the North African coastline. While this is encouraging, I still think there are three problems to keep in mind. One is that you cannot stop a ground war from the air. You can slow down ground forces but the close up and dirty fighting has to be done by someone and I bet that Ghaddafi is ready to go toe to toe since this is the only place in the world at the moment he can retire to. The second problem is that he can still disrupt his own oil resources, not unlike Saddam lighting up all the oil wells at the end of the first Gulf War. The third is that he can endanger oil shipments and other merchant marine operations at any time and is likely to do so.


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