Color Coded Shirts Distinguish Aircraft Carrier Personnel Roles.

Everybody on an aircraft carrier deck has a role. Because it is a noisy dangerous and sometimes unforgiving place, each seaman typical has on a color coded top that distinguishes their roles.

                                       Structural Mechanics On Aircraft Flight Deck


White Tops – These are medical personnel, or they handle mail.

Red Tops – These are the guys who load or unload ordnance and fight fires. “Ordies”

Green Tops – These are the mechanics and deck ops personnel. Mostly maintain catapults and arresting gear

Yellow Tops – These are deck safety specialists, flight deck officers and they are typically launching the planes and moving them.

Checkered Shirts – Quality Control and flight readiness

Blue Tops – Deck crew, operate under purview of Yellow Tops

Brown Tops – These are the plane captains  and the Chief Mechanics

Purple Tops –  These are the fuel handlers.

Aviation Machinist on Board The USS Harry S Truman



Medical Personnel On The Deck Of The Ronald Reagan



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1 thought on “Color Coded Shirts Distinguish Aircraft Carrier Personnel Roles.”

  1. White tops are also used for guests, VIPs, and journalists if I recall. Green shirts also don’t just maintain the arresting gear, but they are also responsible for ensureing that after a landing it properly retracts into the correct position to receive the next aircraft.

    I think the LSOs also wear white tops if I recall.

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