2 thoughts on ““If The Law Fails, He Will Be Assassinated By A CIA Team.””

  1. In my opinion he contradicts himself and in doing so shows why assassination won’t be on the table because it does not have to be on the table. Ignoring just how public this whole Assange thing is, “standard practice” according to him is just slander his character. This is where he starts speaking the truth. And yes, they would and they have. Job done. Assassination? Not necessary nor desirable due to the very publicity of his persona. Assassinations have taken place of completely or relatively unknown individuals. This is not the case in my opinion. They will assassinate the character and not the man himself.

    That also helps turn him into a celebrity that is bigger than the story – and so the story gets somewhat assassinated as well. Assange essentially becomes Tiger Woods. Hell, even Charlie Sheen is helping at this point.

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