What If Roswell Really Happened?

by Daniel Russ on March 2, 2011

Jerusalem Cricket

I just finished a book about the supposed crash of an extraterrestrial vehicle in the New Mexico countryside in 1947. The authors had a way of finding evidence and it’s a way to tell a story convincingly that I find very compelling: personal testimony. I have talked about the weight of personal testimony for years and how I find it more compelling proof than some of the standards of proof demanded by skeptics. Think about the hundreds of people who have been sent to prison or to the death chamber on the testimony of one person, many with no forensic evidence. People have been executed on the testimony of one person who recanted their testimony! That’s how powerful some institutions feel that testimony can be. That said, when I hear people talk about hauntings, or UFO sightings or Bigfoot encounters, I don’t personally demand physical proof before I accept that they are telling me the truth. I take the countless millions of people who have been haunted or seen or experienced ghosts and consider their testimony to be worthwhile. I find the testimony of pilots and aircraft engineers who see UFOs very seriously. I take the testimony of hunters and people who live close to the land very seriously when they say they say they have seen a giant hominid.

That all said, what the authors did first was piece the story together. As it started to shape up, they began tracking down every living person who saw anything and they culled together all the testimony that they could from those willing to speak.

Here is basically what happened.

Witness To Roswell By Thomas J. Carey, Donald R. Schmitt

On July 3rd, 1957, a huge thunderstorm was sweeping across New Mexico from Albuquerque in the north to Corona to the east and Roswell in the south. This community of 2500 people was mostly ranchers who had cattle or sheep. There were still a lot of military bases around Roswell after the war, in Kirtland, and all through Texas as the massive post World War II draw down had not been finished. The storm was fierce and thunder reports were loud. Still, the proximity of the airfields had prepared the residents of Roswell with something most don’t have: they know what the crash of an aircraft sounds like and it doesn’t sound like thunder. Sometime that night, Mac Brazel and some of his distant neighbors heard the crash that could only be an aircraft. A similar crash was heard around Corona, New Mexico as well. People on the outskirts of the area driving in and out of town also saw a light streak across the horizon before the crash.

Some skeptics make the point that the rumors about Roswell couldn’t have flown around that town very fast because few people had phones. The facts of the matter are that Roswell might as well have been Mayberry, because the next morning, Mac Brazel drove into his property and saw something. In fact, he started talking to people about what he saw and they in turn started driving through the debris field. The news got out very fast and in fact the next day the local Army Air Force base commander released a statement that he was later forced to repudiate. The Army then poured into town and basically locked the debris field down, the other one in Corona. Then a carefully planned and ham handed cover up began that included threats to peoples’ lives and their families if they ever discussed anything they saw. Whole regiments of MPs and infantry were shipped in, debriefed, told to never discuss this with anyone and then they guarded and transported some things of apparent tremendous value.

Once the Army heard about the crash they reacted so quickly because they had teams available, made ready during the run up to the Cold War ready to reclaim downed enemy aircraft or high technology reconnaissance aircraft. You see the Cold War was a technology war.

By the end of the third day, hundreds of people who lived in Roswell or Corona had driven out to the ranch area and saw something out of a movie, or they heard someone very close mention the details. Soon thereafter people who worked for the government or who served in uniform saw the same things: the troops suddenly pressed into guarding the bodies, medical personnel arriving on the scene, they all saw something incredible: they saw the wreckage of an ovoid craft that was about ten to twelve feet long, seven feet high, and about six or seven feet wide. It was circular and described as egg shaped, some say slightly delta tail configuration. They also saw three corpses and a living being, all described as three and a half to four feet tall with over sized hairless craniums, large almond shaped eyes, four digits on their hands and wearing a silk like material for clothing. Some of these were soldiers guarding the bodies and when no one was looking they peeked under the blankets. Some of these were people who had quite a bit of rank in the military and on their deathbeds they finally admitted that they had seen “space aliens”.

The cover up worked. Most people who were involved carried what they saw to their graves, and whoever didn’t and chose to speak out was disparaged openly, or given minatory and harassing warnings. Think about that for a moment. All of this over a weather balloon?

The entire area was searched by soldiers walking shoulder to shoulder, from every direction, people’s homes were ransacked in an attempt to recover the detritus of the wreck that people might have pocketed for

Mac Brazel Owned The Ranch Where The Disc Crashed. The USAAF Detained Him For Five Days After Which He Recanted.

souvenirs, and the authors of the book even think Nitinol was created by reverse engineering the memory metal witnesses found every where.

Lets put the impossible out on the table and say what happened: An alien vehicle crashed into the ground in Roswell, New Mexico. Either that or two craft collided leaving debris in Corona as well, or one ship hit the ground in Corona and bounced back into the air and finally crashed in Roswell. Three alien beings in the craft were killed on impact. One survived for a few days. The aliens were described as spindly, rubbery, skinny, little men, with overly large heads and eyes, slit for a mouth, orifices for ears and nose and no external ears or noses. One witness made a deathbed confession that they looked like Jerusalem Crickets. The craft and material weighed almost nothing and was apparently impervious to every attempt to penetrate it. There were thousands of tiny pieces in the debris field, several I-beam like structures, and they had what appeared to be symbols embedded in them. The dead aliens were decomposing badly by the time the Air Force showed up and the living one was doomed since no doctor could figure out what it needed to live. Some accounts say Army guards shot the survivor, or struck him with the butt of a Garand. Every bit of it was confiscated by the military and carted away somewhere. Everyone involved at the highest levels of command have stuck with their story, for the most part about this vessel that was actually a weather balloon or part of Project Moghul. Everyone that was involved in any way shape or form that has decided to speak recalls the threats against them, many of them still paranoid even in their old age. You have to wonder why the Air Force would force someone who said we had captured a craft to impeach his own testimony over a weather balloon.

What does this all mean?

Contact with another race of beings, purportedly from another world not unlike ours would be the single most salient event in human history. It would be the answer to the single largest question we have naturally had about ourselves since we climbed out of a primordial stew. Is there anyone out there? If the answer is yes, then there are a million questions that emerge immediately. If there are two civilizations in a universe this big, surely life must be ubiquitous. I want to know if the makers of Star Trek and Star Wars had it right all along. Are there confederations of races? Do they war just as countries war?  If they are watching us or hovering around outside of our attention, then what are their intentions? Are we like fish that get taken and tagged and studied? Does someone out there own us? And if they aren’t really intervening in our affairs, then is there any good

Roswell Newspaper Front Page News

whatsoever in making contact with them? If they don’t reveal better technology to us to help us cure disease or lengthen or improve life, or feed the hungry or end war and famine and poverty, and if they just peer into our lives like a nameless face peering into our fishbowl, then perhaps we will not reap benefits of the knowledge they purportedly wield for a long time.

Are they spiritual? Do they worship higher powers? Are they caring intelligent beings or are they contract workers to harvest DNA like we harvest meat? What does this mean for churches? Did God send them a prophet as well? Do they have a way to salvation? Do they have religion at all? The questions are endless.

You have to guess that it must be beneficial for them to be seen as domain for quacks and nutcases. Otherwise why won’t they just make themselves public? Is it to their benefit to have governments cover them up? Perhaps they are doing something nefarious, many suggest that they are using us to create new biology for themselves, abducting and experimenting on people and harvesting genetic material. That would be awful news. It would be awful news because now a race that is thousands of years ahead of us technologically is doing something we simply can’t stop.

It means that we are not alone and there are those who know it for certain. It means that our government will stop at nothing to keep its own primacy alive in the minds and lives of its subjects: us. It means that we might actually have established relations with other civilizations. It means we might in fact have reversed engineered technology from artifacts. It might mean that we might be living in a universe absolutely teeming with multifarious life forms. It might mean that these beings are good for us, or bad for us, or neutral. They might have answers we have been seeking for so long. It might also mean that they have technology so powerful that to us it would appear to be magic. It would mean for some of us, that we are like the primitive indigenous people’s we find in the remotest parts of New Guinea, and we have just been visited by the people who fly those iron birds and live in the sky. It might mean something horrid, that we are being used or manipulated by beings so vast and powerful that there is nothing we can ever do to stop it. In fact one could argue that perhaps the reason why there is a cover up is because the real truth behind the aliens might be worse than a stable civilization could withstand.

Click to hear the actual Roswell Flying Saucer Announcement from ABC News Radio Broadcast

My instincts here are that people in power generally don’t want their authority questioned. If someone makes an alliance with the new neighbors, and the new neighbors have amazing technology, then you can forget the Home Owners Association fees. If this whole thing turns out to be true, then beings that can literally traverse the universe might also know how to make a deal with those in power, and perhaps we are the Maharajas and they are the British government, ready willing and able to use us for their own gain. Are we all afraid that the new neighbors might be able to vitiate our entire history? All our traditions and shibboleths all tossed aside in an ascendant reality that dwarfs the limited little world we live in now?

But what if someone does own us? What if they made a deal with the government to cover up and quell disclosure in return for certain perks? You know, let us take people and we will keep you in power. In an article in Smithsonian.com there is a discussion about what disclosure might mean.

And how would the world react to a discovery announce­ment? “Your guess is as good as mine,” Tarter says.

Paul Davies, an astrobiologist at Arizona State University, heads up the SETI Post-Detection Taskgroup, a collection of scientists, journalists, lawyers, science fiction writers and philosophers. Their job is to advise relevant parties—other scientists, governments, the United Nations—about what to do if a SETI signal or any “putative evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence” were detected. While waiting for a contact, the group deliberates about what the consequences might be. While a discovery of microscopic life on another body in our solar system would be “of profound significance, which would change our worldview,” Davies says, “it’s not one of these things that is going to be disruptive to society.” But the discovery of a signal from intelligent extraterrestrials could lead to “mayhem.” Billingham agrees. “Some people will think that this is a natural event in the continuing work on scientific questions,” he says, and others will ask, in panic, “What do we do now?”

People would likely fall into two camps. Catastrophists, as one of the camps is called, might well predict the end of humanity as we know it, or at least the end of our current culture. In 2010 Stephen Hawking said that making contact with aliens would be “a little too risky” and compared the event to Columbus arriving in the New World, “which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.” But millenarian enthusiasts anticipate revelations of rapture: how to cure cancer, solve the energy crisis or win world peace. And if aliens did manage to come to Earth, says Tarter, an admitted enthusiast, “they would likely have outgrown the aggressiveness that has served us so well.”

As for a supersecretive government agency or powerful corporation keeping a discovery of alien life a secret, Davies thinks that’s unlikely. “I think there’s a big misconception in the public that somehow this is all a cloak-and-dagger operation, and it’s not,” he says. “People are quite open about what they are doing.”

What if the beings are human beings from our own future? What if we are not the dominant life on this planet, and they are? What if the world, the universe is so actually different that we can’t imagine it?

On the other hand, if this has indeed happened, if indeed Erich Von Daniken is right we have as human beings been in the graces of other races, then perhaps the entire ordeal is a giant letdown. OK. Now we know we’re not alone. So what. Have they stopped war? Famine? Terrorism? Injustice? Has it made one iota of difference in our lives that we are not alone except maybe to upset those whose paradigms will be shattered?

If they could help us, and didn’t, then I am disappointed. If they could hurt and are using use for their own advantage, then I am not surprised. And if they are anything at all like us, then I am scared.

The Ramey Memo, Enhanced Computer Grphics Made It possible To Read This Memo

Dr. Burleson’s reading of the Ramey Memo is as follows;
undetermined characters are indicated by hyphens:



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DapperAnarchist March 2, 2011 at 12:24 pm

There is another option – that it was a coverup, not of a weather balloon, but of a spying balloon, using high altitude microphones to listen for Chinese nuclear tests. That was worth covering up.

Daniel Russ March 2, 2011 at 3:58 pm

That theory has also been widely debunked.

Operation Moghul was an attempt to put acoustic sensors into the stratosphere to listen for Russian atomic bomb tests. Witnesses who saw the wreckage lived where weather balloon rigging often fell to the ground and said this wasn’t anything they had ever seen. Could hundreds of eye witnesses all been lying or utterly wrong?

Then four decades later, the Air Force changed that story by saying the bodies recovered were crash test dummies fallen from an experimental spy balloon aloft.

Still, I don’t see why all of the threats and lock down would have resulted from that. I also don’t see why off the shelf technologies like acoustic sensors (microphones, helium filled balloons and some rigging) would have set off a lockdown, details to pick up every scrap, and threats made to veterans and citizens if they mentioned it.

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