The STZ-3 Soviet Agricultural Tractor Tank

by Daniel Russ on June 30, 2011

Post image for The STZ-3 Soviet Agricultural Tractor Tank STX 3 Russian Agricultural Tractor

“The civil agricultural tractor STZ-3 played a significant role as artillery prime mover during WWII, but also it was used as the base for the self-made tanks in 1941.

Soviet army lost a huge amounts of tanks in summer 1941 and because of their great shortage Kharkov tractor factory developed and produced in 1941 several models of “tractor-tanks”.

This “armored” model had official designation KhTZ-16. It was planned to produce 750 such “tractor-tanks” in August-September 1941, but only 50-60 were produced before the capturing of the plant by German Army in October 1941.

Also 55-69 armored STZ-3 tractors (some with the turrets from T-26 light tanks) with light gun + 2 MGs were produced at Odessa during the autumn 1941. They were named “NI” (“Na Ispug” – “to cause consternation”) .”


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Louis September 5, 2017 at 4:48 am

As the gun is fixed to the turret, I think they were more meant as decoys than as real tanks. But the name might axplain this. If you’re in the infantry, and you see something like this lumebering in your direction, you might want to get out of the way before you realise that it can’t shoot you. At least not with the “main gun”.

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