UFOs Over Spain During The Civil War.

by Daniel Russ on May 23, 2011

JUnkers 86 Bombers Over Spain Supporting Franco

Here is a great story I came across here Spanish military personnel describe UFOs during the Civil War in the 1930s.
Like a Mexican Hat

The sun had already risen and the soldiers whose battalion defended the Peñón de la Mata position (to the north fo the Province of Granada) on February 5, 1938 endured the cold as best they could.
They guarded their position carefully under perfectly cloudless skies and our witness–a fighter with the 76th Brigade–suddenly became aware of the presence of something abnormal in the skies over Granada.

Located at a considerable distance, and at an altitude of 200 meters, the soldier saw an object resembling “a Mexican hat” the color of flat aluminum. The sun’s rays, reflecting off its surface, enabled him to see that it was a metallic device. It flew slowly as it approached the witness’s position. It was then that he was able to observe it with greater detail:

“Seen from below, its shape was exactly that of a cartwheel. In its center, from where the spokes emerged, it had what looked like a photo camera lens and gave a sensation of depth.”

When the object approached even closer, passing almost directly overhead, the soldier was even able to make out some curved black windows which appeared on the side of the remarkable “Mexican hat”. The following is a transcript of an interview with the ABC Andalucía newspaper:

Did the object leave a wake in its path or anything similar?
–Well, yes. It gave out a sort of vapor from its sides and gave the overall impression of having a small tail. I can’t tell you exactly where it was coming from, but as it came out it formed what I already said: a little tail.
Was its trajectory always straight or did it make any kind of turn?
–It made a slight skip as it moved away, similar to a pulse. From that moment onward, he stopped looking at it, since the pressing reality was not conducive to distraction. For this reason he was unable to see how the object vanished, perhaps, over the horizon.
Could you describe for us, as precisely as possible, what the object looked like?
–Overall it looked like a Mexican hat, as I’ve told you, but with the detail that its ends formed straight angles. Afterward, as it approached and passed almost directly overhead, I was able to see that it had small windows and was completely round. It gyrated in a counterclockwise motion. At first I thought it was a truck tire that had exploded, but “that thing” seemed to have a life of its own, aside from the fact that had it been a truck tire, we would have seen it fall. Its diameter would have been approximately three meters.
Which way did it go?
–From north to south.
This ends the soldier’s description. But what exactly was it that those astonished fighters saw? A military prototype? In Spain, and in the 1930’s? Let’s see what J.J. Benítez has to say about military aviation during the Civil War in his book La Punta del Iceberg:

“In 1936, the Spanish Air Force was small and antiquated. The main fighter aircraft was the Nieuport NID 52 hemi-plane, of which it had 40 left. The aircraft with the largest number of operating units was the Breguet, a twin-engine biplane for reconnaissance and bombing operations (60 units). Germany’s earliest aid took the shape of 20 Junkers aircraft. Shortly after, other Italian, German, Russian, French, American, Dutch, British and Czech vehicles would arrive.”

Source: http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/2010/11/spain-saucers-of-spanish-civil-war.html


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