A Letter From A Roman Soldier To His Father.

by Daniel Russ on March 21, 2011

Letter From A Roman Soldier To His Father.

A Roman soldier named Apion from a small town in Egypt, traveled to Alexandria and enlisted in the Roman army. He boarded a troop transport and travelled to Italy where he was deployed for duty. He writes this letter home.

Apion to  his father and lord Epimachos:

Many good wishes!

First of all I hope you are in good health and that things are going well for you and my sister and her daughter and my brother.  I thank the Lord Serapis [an Egyptian god] for saving me right off when I was in danger at sea.

When I arrived at Misenum [the Roman war harbor, near Naples], I received three gold pieces from the Emperor [Trajan?] as road money, and I’m doing just fine.

Please write me a line, my lord father, about your own well-being, second about that of my brother and sister, and third so that I may devotedly greet your hand, because you brought me up well and I may therefore hope for rapid promotion, the gods willing. Give my regards to Capiton [some friend] and my brother and sister and Serenilla [a family slave?] and my friends. I’m sending you my little  portrait through Euktemon. My [new]Roman name is Antonius Maximus.
All my best!

The Letter was written in Greek and sent to his family and this is the letter above.


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