Early Examples Of Combat Engineering Feats

by Daniel Russ on January 31, 2011

Post image for Early Examples Of Combat Engineering Feats Hadrian’s Wall

701 BC Assyrians breach walls with mines and use ramparts at the Battle of Lachish in Palestine

480 BC Persians dig a canal Mount Athos isthmus. They did this because Xerxes was planning to invade the Pelopennese and they needed a way to bring the Persian fleets’ triremes and biremes to the Aegean  without having to move slowly through a prominent and unprotected promontory Also, they created pontoon bridges to traverse the Hellespont, the Dardanelles.

218 BC Hannibal’s engineers create methods of road building in extremely difficult Alpine terrain to move his 50,000 man army into Rome. These methods included pouring boiling water on frozen rocks to break them.

52 BC Julius Caesar doubled down on Vercingetorix’s high castle fortification in Alesia, in modern day Dijon. he had two rows of walls built around the castle. One row was to keep the Arverni inside to starve. The outer wall protected the Legionnaires from counterattack by sympathetic Gallic tribesmen.

Furthermore, he had his legionnaires prepare the battlefield with punji sticks and traps to slow a countattack from inside the fort.

73 BC. It takes two years, but the patient Roman army builds a massive rampart to bring Romans inside the almost impenetrable Masada fortress. The night before the succeed, the Jews inside all. Commit suicide.

122 BC Construction begins on Hadrian’s wall, a sort of Great Wall of China except for Britain. It was a 73 mile long wall connecting the North Sea from the Irish Sea; it was there to keep the barbarian tribes in England on the island and out of Roman territory.

Roman Rampart At Masada

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