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by Daniel Russ on January 21, 2011


I found the wiki leaks a refreshing breath of honesty. I wish that our government would speak that plainly to the public all the time. It’s all a game to these world leaders to sucker the US into doing their dirty work. Berlusconi is a rat, call him out for what he is. Don’t have Bush photographed giving him hugs so he will send a few troops into a stupid war we got into because we support some other group grabbing land from Muslim’s. Instead we get some government spin about how our freedom and way of life are at risk because of the “axis of evil” so we buy into spending huge sums of money, sending citizens into looser wars and kissing up all over the world to keep the whole thing going. I mean really, $52 million to the vice president of Afghanistan so he can bankroll a lavish retirement in Dubai for when he “flees” the Taliban. He should have been put up against a wall and shot for looting. Instead we let him go, we didn’t want the “bad press”. Let the Koreas slug it out on their own too. Do you really think China would ever risk their number 1 market and economic gains by letting those lunatics risk a war with the US. Do you think they still run around with little red books denouncing capitalism and the imperialist threat from the west. If North Korea attacks the South the worst thing will be we save US jobs because that’s one less country dumping cheap products off at our ports. Then let China deal with the crazies in pajamas, they don’t play around. If the Saudis and Israelis don’t like Iran then let them work together and resolve it. The world is not our market anymore. We don’t have to run around with a Mahan-ian strategy of global dominance. We buy the worlds stuff and they need us to keep their prosperity rolling. That includes Israel, China, Korea and anyone selling oil. The best thing we can do is focus on economic independence, the rejection of globalization and leave the world yearning for the days when the US was the beat cop that dealt with all the crap for them.


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