Let’s Start The Year Out Right With The Douglas XB-43

by Daniel Russ on January 24, 2011

Douglas XB-43

Before the Marines ever landed at Iwo Jima or the Russians counterattacked at Kursk, the USAAF was thinking about the possibility of creating a jet powered bomber. Certainly the Allied air losses over Germany ground into a desperate battle of attrition, and both the Allies and Hitler used the terrible losses as the impetus for quite a bit of genius in the aircraft manufacturing side of the war. The first flight didn’t take place for anothe rthree years, but you have to credit them for getting momentum that early.

The Douglas XB-43

The initial buy was for 13 test aircraft. They ended up making two. The Allsion V-1710 turbojets were hidden inside the fuselage behind airfoil intakes. The Jet was supposed to be able to add nine tons from empty to full. Unfortunately test pilots showed that the designed had stability problems and no more were made.


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