The Russian EKIP/Tarielka.

by Daniel Russ on December 24, 2010

Russian Designed Lifting Body Transport

The ECIP, or Tarielka as it is affectionately known, is based of the aerodynamic hunch that a single flying wing is more efficient than today’s aircraft. Designer Lev Shukin and engineer Alexander Sobko have minimised all external structures leaving only stubby wings and fins for control. Even the engines have been moved inside the cabin to keep the craft as streamlined as possible. The shape of the fuselage provides 80% of the lift. Jet intakes suck air that is then

The Russian EKIP/Tarielka.

blasted out the back to provide thrust or downward like a hovercraft to create a cushion of air which does away with the need for landing gear. Scale prototypes have flown some what erratically, but have performed well enough to prove for the refinement of the ECIP to continue.

Beyond 2000 (text)
Venik’s Aviation Page – EKIP photo gallery

The Russian EKIP/Tarielka.


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