Did Hitler Have A Stealth Fighter?

The Horten Ho 229 flying Wing fighter/bomber.
The Horten Ho 229 flying wing fighter/bomber.

The answer promises to revealed when you watch “Hitler’s Stealth Fighter” this Sunday, June 28, at 9 p.m on the National Geographic Channel.

The show follows a team from Northrop Grumman Corp who build a Horten 229 flying wing replica to determine if it had stealth capabilities three decades before the United States.

The German-built prototype of the Horton Ho 229 has been hidden away in a U.S. government warehouse since WWII.

The newly-built replica was placed on a 50-foot pedestal at a formerly secret location in the Mojave Desert so that it could be hit with radar returns from every angle.

Was it the first stealth fighter/bomber?  You’ll just have to watch to find out.

Clip from “Hitler’s Stealth Fighter”


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  1. Grumman technicians said the prop driven YB-29 and the jet propelled YB-49 were built off the Horton.

    They were the first flying wings.

    Great post.

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