Astronaut/Senator John Glenn Shot Down Three MIGs Over Korea.

Astronaut John Glenn In Friendship 7

John Glenn quit school during Pearl Harbor and joined the United States Army Air Corps. The Army didn’t bite, and he applied then to the Navy as an aviation cadet. He became a pilot and was transferred to the United States Marine Corps where we flew F4U Corsairs in 59 missions, including strikes against anti aircraft batteries and Maloelap. Eventually he became a Captain before the Second World War ended and a naval flight instructor in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Glenn became an F9F Panther pilot over Korea and on his first combat tour became known as “magnet butt” for his proclivity to drawing AAA fire. One mission put 250 holes into his plane.


One his second tour in Korea he shot down three MIGs over the Yalu River. He is America’s first man in space and later served as a Democratic Senator from Ohio.


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