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by Daniel Russ on September 29, 2010

US Manufactured Immense Amounts Of War Material In WWII.

It’s not hard to underestimate the effects of the United States industrial machine had on World War II. I am still tabulating this figure but I have estimated that between 1939 and 1945, The United States manufactured just under 200,000 aircraft. Not only that, over half of these aircraft were designed after Pearl Harbor. I wonder if this country will ever see a day where that much material was being manufactured in that short of a time ever again. The size and complexity of the Second World War hid  many immensely important things. We talked about the battles for the Crimean Peninsula, both the conquering of the Crimean by the Nazis and the liberation by the Russians. These battles involved more than four army corps yet they are hardly ever mention in history and Hollywood will not make these movies anytime. Other than the horribly produced and disingenuously patriotic dribble that came out of Hollywood during the war itself, the actual facts of the case are astonishing.

Consider just what the United States manufactured and shipped over to the Soviet Union. Believe it or not, 427,000 trucks. Kruschev himself wrote, ““Imagine how we would have gone from Stalingrad to Berlin without them. Our losses would have been immense without the ability to maneuver.” Between March 1941 and October 1945, we delivered  7537 tanks, 51,503 jeeps, 35170 motorcycles, and 8,701 tractors (might have been also other military vehicles) to the Russians. Oh yeah and over 3.5 million tires.

Women Provided The Manpower Necessary To Create The Weaponry Of WWII

Of those aircraft we manufactured, we delivered 9,912 fighters, 3,846 bombers and 887 transport planes. And with those aircraft, we delivered 2.6 million tons of aviation fuel and petrol. At the time, it was hard to find aviation fuel. The Russians were stealing what they could also from the Germans as they chased them out of Russian. The Germans were completely unafraid of scuttling their own equipment and blowing up their fuel depots.

There are films of Russians hauling Katyusha rockets into theatres of operations on old Russian trucks. And the reason you never see films of Katyusha rockets hauled by Studebackers is because the Russians edited those films out so as not to damage national pride. We know that thousands of Russian aircraft used American radios and British radar. The Brits delivered over 1400 radar sets to the Russians for use in combat aircraft and over 300 to be used in maritime patrol aircraft.

The US supplied all our allies with tons of goods. Remember that the Germans moving into and out of Russia destroyed 67,000 kilometers of rail tracks. No problem pal. The United States produced and delivered 1891 trains and thousands of cars. The US also produced and delivered 1.5 million kilometers of  communication cable.

The Studebacker Truck

And we sent 5.5 million pounds of medical equipment.

One would think that all that materiel help would have put the US and the Soviet Union on better footing after WWII.

One would think.


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Louis August 31, 2017 at 8:10 am

Apparently the Soviets liked the US trucks far better then the German ones, as the US ones were also made for driving long distances, and not just the short hops that existed in western europe.
According to some tallies, about two-thirds of the soviet armies trucks were US build at the end of the war.
And do not forget the 3 million boots that you send.
And the condoms. The story goes that Stalin asked for them to Roosevelt, and he asked for Extra Large. Roosevelt is a little put off and tells this to Churchill, who remarks: just send them, but print “Texas Regular Size” on them….

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