Otto Dix

by Daniel Russ on September 25, 2010

Otto Dix

Otto Dix was a German painter who was born in 1891 and died in 1969. He was attached to a German field artillery unit during World War I which he signed up for with some alacrity. He took part in the Battle of the Somme.

He emerged from World War I absolutely haunted by the grim realities and cruelty of this new technological war. He saw the use of chemical weapons and the machine gun. The things other artists try to remove from their minds after war drove him to paint them.

Often his wildly expressionistic paintings are colorful, yet depict the horrors of what one sees on the battlefield. He taught art at the Dresden Academy, but anti-war sentiment had died with the Weimar Republic. This new militarized Germany saw him lose his job teaching. Oddly, he was forced into the Volkssturm and was later captured by the French and released.

Otto Dix Painting of WWI

Otto Dix Painting of WWI "Stormtroops Advance Under Gas"

Otto Dix Painting of WWI "Flanders"

Otto Dix Painted This. It Was A Commentary On The Cavalier Way Rich Germans Distracted Themselves From The Goings On In The New Germany


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